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It is in the field of entertainment and media that Laser Rosenberg first did his professional design homework in a serious way. Initially being introduced to the industry as a costume designer and then finding a home in the art department as set decorator and production designer. Here in the "everything must be perfect" world of Hollywood, Laser sharply honed his talent and expertise as a designer of ideas and environments. In a reality where creating "what we have never seen before" is an ultimate goal, his ability to think quickly and outside the box as an expert visual problem solver has furthered him as a creative and unique voice in the field.

While working with a special list of respected collaborators of directors, producers, talent and crew, he is able to conceive and and create set environments that visually narrate and aesthetically brand a wide range of products, stories, and artists. Laser is equally comfortable in the genres of modern design, vintage periods, true reality, surreal fantasy, and foreign locals. His ability as a production designer translates beyond the limits of the stage or location at hand.

He is a visionary and producer of start to finish art department projects, with the emphasis on concept, character, and color palette. His award nominated work in the industry is broad in scope and medium, including television commercials, music videos, independent feature films, and print campaigns. Laser maintains a bi - coastal and international portfolio of projects and resources.

Please inquire for production design services.