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72 Names Project:

These collage plates are the first six in a larger body of work of 72 pieces currently in progress. this project originally began in the artists Provincetown, Cape Cod studio. these original six pieces were created there. Each individual piece takes inspiration and formal direction from a specific idea of divine consciousness and greater understanding. Found in the ancient wisdom of the Zohar (the original text of kabbalah), the "72 Names of God " name and give meaning to the 72 possible manifestations of divine energy in our physical life experience. Each name is represented by three Aramaic characters. each of these symbols, likes wires in a cable when combined together conduct energy. These "Names" are the tools for connecting with that energy. Focusing visually on these symbols when combined together, with directed consciousness can reveal moments of cosmic opportunity and manifest possibilities for quantum change.

The actual creative process and format for these works are specific to each piece. The artist literally sets himself into a divine consciousness of the specific " Name" while conceiving and creating each piece. The result is that of an authentic channeling of creative inspiration from idea, thought, and feeling into process and form. The pieces are rich with layering of personal and global reference while translating directly to the viewer.

Utilizing a vocabulary of traditional supplies and materials, the original collage works are created on a background of a handmade wood cradle panel and layered with a vast library of different paper, textile and other two dimensional materials and images. Hand cut and applied using an assortment of unique glues, varnishes and mediums these pieces embody a seamless visual surface while maintaining the fine raw details and aspect of actual artist made work.

Available for purchase using the highest quality artist only specific fine art printing and framing services. Each of these limited edition artist prints of the original collage works are available in a series of 25 of each image. Presented in a solid maple frame in a floating mount, with archival and acid free materials. All prints by Circa publishing, Los Angeles. printed on Crane Museo Silver Rag.

Please inquire for edition availability.