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At a very young age Laser Rosenberg found himself inspired by the fine asthetic details and layers in the subtleties of life. Encouraged by his supportive and creative thinking family, from the beginning he channeled his unique spirit into the disciplines of art and design. Experimenting through adolescence in several artistic mediums including paint, assembledge, fashion and design. He has always defined his vision through a strong identification with color, form and idea.

In his early years while developing his creative voice and skills, and always continuing to be prolific in the areas of paint and collage Laser found travel abroad as a way to open his mind and frame of reference. He pursued a formal education and training in the mediums of painting, printmaking and art history at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. During this time finding his home in the historic artists colony of Provincetown. It was here, combined with his beginnings in rural Massachusetts and his lifetime connection to New York City that helped hone his discerning eye while being influenced by the complex culture of art and design.

Now a longtime resident of Los Angeles, Laser is a multi media artist and designer. He draws upon a lifetime of creative process, an accomplished design career, and his diverse life experience as inspiration for his collage pieces. Naming nature, friendship, family & love, history & geography, dreams, spirituality and music all as departure points for his art. He has worked in the medium for decades and describes his craft as "painting with paper to share ideas". His vision and palette are identifiable to him. Approaching the process as a purist, Laser uses all collected materials in their original format. He incorporates the imagery and excerpts of his contemporaries, paying homage to their influence on him as an artist. He is a visual "DJ" of sorts, sampling and editing from his vast library of inspired images and ideas.

The process itself is a traditional hands on, cut and paste two dimensional work on handmade wood panels. Currently available as archival framed limited edition artist prints. Each piece is available in a series of 25 prints per image. The work can presently be viewed exhibiting in Los Angeles at select venues, as he now shares his unique vision and inspiration through these very personal collage pieces.

Please inquire for edition availability.